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Self Service Software Request

Use this form to request apps be made available for self-service installation by users via Software Center on Windows or Self Service on macOS or iOS/iPadOS.

This is not a purchase request form. Contact IT Procurement if you need assistance purchasing software for University use.

Contact Information
Provide your 8-digit NUID number, including any leading zeros. Do NOT enter your campus-specific credentials (EASI, MyUNL, NetID). The ticketing system will not process requests from invalid NUIDs.
Request Information
A Grouper group will be created to manage self service access to this app. You can specify individual users (preferably with NUIDs), an existing Grouper group, or a department/unit.
On which operating systems should this app be available? *
Describe any app licensing. Use the file upload link below to upload any required license files.
Provide a URL to download the app. If the download is protected by credentials, you can use the Box widget below to upload the installer.
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File Upload
Please provide any additional information you think the Endpoint Management team might need to implement this request.