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Patch Management Exception Request

If an endpoint is required to maintain a non-current version of software for business functionality, a Patch Management Exception Request must be submitted and approved by the accountable CIO, and the Assistant Vice President of Security. An exception will completely remove the endpoint from Patch Management. All software maintenance will become the responsibility of the requestor. Endpoints used for software development or testing are eligible for an exception to automated Patch Management but will continue to be scanned and remediated for vulnerabilities.

Business applications that are used across the University may be temporarily excluded from Patch Management by Endpoint Management, until the service is updated.

Client Contact Information
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ITS Leadership
Select your CIO that will approve this request, before proceeding to the Assistant Vice President of Security for final approval.
Exception Information
Specify which OS your endpoint is using.
For Windows supply Computer Names, for macOS supply Serial Numbers
Specify, in detail, the business need for the endpoint(s) to be excluded from Patch Management, and what third-party application is impacted.
Specify, in detail, how the excluded endpoint(s) will be patched when third-party applicationupdates become available.
Specify, in detail, how the excluded endpoint(s) will not pose a security risk to the University.
By checking this box, you confirm that the information provided is accurate. If the exception is approved, the specified endpoint(s) will be wholly removed from Patch Management, and regular software maintenance will become your responsibility. The endpoint will continue to be scanned and remediated for vulnerabilities using standard processes.
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