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Event Management SystemEvent Management System

The event management system is where you will find links to request spaces for a meeting or a conference, browse events, space availability and overall event planning guidelines and forms.

FAQs for Students

How do I reserve a study room?

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Go to

Click Welcome, Guest in the upper right and then click Sign In. You'll be required to sign in via the My.UNL login screen before you have the option to create a reservation.


1.  Click CREATE A RESERVATION on the left menu.
2.  Click the book now button next to the option you want.
Screenshot of creating a reservation


3.  Select the date, time and number of people in attendance, then click the Search button to view available rooms.
4.  Click the Add (plus icons) button next to the room you wish to reserve. It will appear above in the Selected Rooms section when added.
5.  Click the Next Step button to continue.
Screenshot of reservation details


6.  Name your event and then select your name from the Group drop-down list.
7.  Click the Create Reservation button to continue.
Screenshot of contact information

For how long can I reserve a study room?

The minimum required is 30 minutes, but no longer than 120 minutes.

Can I reserve multiple times per day?

Yes, but you can only book for a combined total of 120 minutes per day. It can be four 30 minute bookings, two 60 minutes, one 30 and one 90 minutes, etc.

Can I reserve a room for multiple days?

Yes; however, each day and time must be a separate reservation.

Can I reserve a room just for myself?

No. There are several areas for personal study space. Study rooms require a minimum of two people to reserve and no more than ten people.

If I no longer need the space, how can I cancel my reservation?

  1. Log in to In the left menu click MY EVENTS.
  2. Click the link for the reservation to cancel.
  3. Click red X to cancel the reservation.