High Performance Computing

High Performance ComputingHigh Performance Computing

The Holland Computing Center (HCC) has significant resources in two locations: the Peter Kiewit Institute (PKI) at Omaha and the Schorr Center at UNL. Personnel are located in each location to assist users, engage students and researchers, and maintain systems.

High Performance Computing


HCC provides research computing services to researchers associated with any campus of the University of Nebraska system. These include high-performance computing, large data storage, and advanced networking. Basic usage of HCC resources is available to University of Nebraska students, staff, and faculty at no charge; priority access options are available on a fee basis. Agreements are also in place with corporate and non-University researchers who share common interests or needs related to high performance computing resources. Integration of HCC resource usage into coursework is supported and encouraged. HCC also conducts training events and workshops to educate and promote usage of research computing across the state of Nebraska. For more information, contact hcc-support@unl.edu.

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