MediaHub is a UNL-branded video sharing site that offers individualized content channels that allow for tagged video content.



Hosting your videos on MediaHub ensures that your video (and audio-only) content goes anywhere the rest of your content goes ... other services may be blocked in some businesses, school systems and countries.

MediaHub is the easiest way to get your video captioned. We've negotiated a low $1 per running minute cost with an outside provider; all you have to do is enter a cost object with your upload, and we handle the rest.

MediaHub's video player interface can be embedded in websites, whether your sites at UNL or others, and it offers unique features that other players don't — including the ability to browse or search the transcript and and jump to any point in the video.

MediaHub also supports audio publishing outside of a video container, and provides an embeddable audio-player interface.

More information is available at the MediaHub website.

Customer Relations Manager

Bob Crisler

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