MediaHub is UNL's video and audio sharing service, offering individualized content channels, integrated captioning and an innovative, embeddable player.



CHANNELS. MediaHub provides channels directly on the MediaHub site, from which you can manage collections of video and audio content.

EMBEDDABLE. MediaHub content, with the embeddable MediaHub Player, can be easily integrated with UNL and other websites and social presences.

CAPTIONS. CHECK. MediaHub offers integrated captioning services, with low-cost and high-quality captioning available for $1 per minute of content; just enter a cost object in the MediaHub interface, and we do the rest.

SEARCH-AND-JUMP. The innovative MediaHub Player, integrated in the UNLedu Web Framework and embeddable elsewhere, allows users to search using these caption tracks for keywords from a presentation, tutorial or lecture, and immediately 'jump' to any point in a video file.

VIDEO and AUDIO. MediaHub also supports audio publishing (without using a video container), and provides an embeddable MediaHub Audio Player.

THE TRUST OF UNLedu. Unlike some external services (such as YouTube, Facebook or others), which are blocked in certain geographic regions and some work/school contexts, media that is hosted by MediaHub from the trusted UNL domain is available wherever other UNL-hosted content is available. (Basically, anywhere and everywhere.)

More information is available at the MediaHub website.

Dependencies and Partnerships

MediaHub integrates Nebraska-born, Nebraska-raised code with several best-of-breed services into one easy-to-use interface to serve our university’s public video publishing needs.

MediaHub Player is based on VideoJS, the Player Framework. (GitHub:

MediaHub Captions Free is based on Amara Public Editor.

MediaHub Captions + is brought to you by a partnership with

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