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The UNL Directory provides public contact information for people at UNL, and organizational information for all units of the university. Students are included with their name, class rank, and major; students may opt out of the Directory and other public lists. (Contact information for students is not provided, per Board of Regents policy.)

Online Directory - UNL Directory


Directory provides a complete source of public contact information for UNL people and departments.

Directory provides directory-information services for other websites, and is integrated with maps and wayfinding.

The Particulars

The UNL Directory integrates the university's authoritative sources of building information, enabling integration with maps and wayfinding; each building named in the interface is linked to the appropriate location in UNL Maps.

Most personnel data is held in SAP, and edits made there will propagate to the Directory after a minor delay. Faculty members who maintain records in Activity Insight also have their public CV available through the Directory interface (example). Each Directory record supplies contact information that can easily be added to any contacts or addresses utility via the industry-standard vCard format.

Directory also provides organizational information. This information is maintained and stored within Directory itself (example). Administration interfaces are provided for authorized personnel to keep their organization's information up to date.

Search results are segmented so that only one contact record is shown at a time; queries are rate-limited to prevent harvesting.

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