Proofpoint Email Security Gateway

ProofpointProofpoint Email Security Gateway

Proofpoint is an email protection service provided to protect faculty and staff from email threats by securing and controlling inbound and outbound email.



All incoming email is inspected by the Proofpoint Messaging Security Gateway as soon as it arrives at the University. Messages that contain a virus, spam, or inappropriate content are sent to a Quarantine area.

 If email messages addressed to you end up in the Quarantine, you will receive a notification, called Digest, in your Inbox.

Messages may also be managed through an online portal.

What do I do if I want to report a spam message?

If you receive a spam email directly to your inbox which you would like blocked, we ask that you forward it (as file attachment)

Select message>forward special>as attachment or drag/drop message into a new message to

Getting Started

Review our user guide to learn out the daily digest and Proofpoint portal work to manage your email.

Customer Relations Manager

Bryan Kinnan

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