Security Awareness Training

Security Awareness TrainingSecurity Awareness Training

A good security program must be built on a proper framework, thus ensuring there is always a valid reason for why we do what we do.

Security Awareness Training


Based on validation and effectiveness, SANS has chosen the 20 Critical Controls as the framework for its user awareness program. These Critical Controls use knowledge of actual attacks that have compromised systems to identify specific technical and human security controls that are viewed as effective in blocking currently known high-priority attacks, as well as those attack types expected in the near future.

Getting Started

A significant issue for any organization in selecting/developing its own Security Awareness solution is the need to keep the training program fresh and up-to-date with the latest threat vector information. The level of effort needed to maintain the program and keep it updated with the latest attack vector data is significant and often underestimated.

However, this is a SANS core strength area. We use changes in the 20 Critical Controls as guidelines when we update our security awareness training content – a project we perform several times a year to address the latest threats


Advantages of the SANS Securing The Human program include:
•Go beyond compliance and focus on changing behaviors.
•Training mapped against the 20 Critical Controls framework.
•Create your own program by choosing from over 30 different training modules.
•Meets mandated compliance requirements.
•Fully SCORM compliant, hosted by SANS.
•All content is updated twice annually.
•Offered in over 20 different languages.

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