Downloading Bb Grades and Assignments for Students


Access to Blackboard will be ending on May 15th, 2018. It’s important that you’ve saved any materials that you may need access to in the future. As long as access to previous course sites is available, you may download submitted assignments and course files within Blackboard.

Blackboard access will end May 15, 2018

You may need the information for your career portfolio or graduate school.
We recommend you download your important files long before Blackboard disappears.

Please use the methods below to obtain these files before it's too late!

Downloading Grades and Assignments

1.Navigate to your Blackboard course site at

2.Select the “Courses & Organizations” tab

3.Enter the course where you want to download information

4.Under the course menu select My Grades.(If My Grades is not available select Blackboard Tools and click on the My Grades icon)

5.From here you can print your grades or copy and paste this information into Word for formatting and saving.

Saving your assignments
From the My Grades area, you'll be able to access any available documents you've uploaded for your assignments.
Click the assignment name/link to access and download your submitted assignment.


Follow these steps in each course that you want to save either your grades or assignment submissions.

If you have any questions or concerns about the content available to download, please contact the course instructor.