i>clicker Hardware Availability

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Information Technology Services Learning Spaces offers full support for Student Response Systems.

i>clicker Hardware Availability

i>clicker 2 Hardware is Ready to Collect Responses!

i>clicker 2 hardware is installed and ready to use in the lecture halls listed in the table below. The default channel is AA.  However, in buildings with multiple classrooms, alternate channels are necessary to prevent crosstalk with nearby rooms.  

If you're assigned to a room that is not on this list, don't worry!  i>clicker 2 is ultra portable, and can be used in any classroom with a computer.  You may even use it on your own laptop.  Just ask us for an instructor kit that includes everything you need to collect responses.  We've assigned channels to all General Purpose rooms, so you won't receive interference from nearby rooms. 

For your convenience, we've assigned a channel to each room. However, your cooperation is required!  You must set the channel in software, as it is your settings that tell the receiver which channel to use. You need only change the channel once for each class. i>clicker will use this channel for the remainder of the semester.  You may set an alert message that will prompt students to change the channel on their clicker.

Room Channel
Andersen 15 AA
Architecture 127 AA
Avery 19 AC
Avery 106 AB
Avery 115 AA
Beadle Center E103 AA
Bessey 117 AA
Burnett 115 AA
CBA 128 BC
CBA 132 BD
CBA 143 BA
Hamilton 102 DC
Hamilton 104 DB
Room Channel
Hamilton 110 DA
Hamilton 112 DD
Henzlik 124 AA
Jorgensen 110 AA
Jorgensen 151 BB
Jorgensen 249 BC
Jorgensen 251 BD
Love Library 102 AA
Morrill 141 AA
Othmer 106 AA
Richards 15 AA
Ross Van Brunt 123 AB
Ross Van Brunt 124 AA
Teachers College 105 AA
Teachers College 250 CC