Ready, Set, Go with Clickers

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Information Technology Services Learning Spaces offers full support for Student Response Systems.

Ready, Set, Go with Clickers

Implementing Clickers

Step 1:

Notify the campus bookstore of your intention to use clickers for your course, and the anticipated number of students that will be enrolled.

Step 2:

Review the list of lecture halls and large classrooms where i>clicker2 base station receivers are currently installed. If you are already teaching in these rooms, proceed to step four. Channel Setup Please note the i>clicker 2 channel for the room that you will be using for your class. You must set this channel in software the first time you use the base station in your assigned room. General Purpose Classroom Channels

Step 3:

If you are not scheduled in one of these rooms, contact classroom support at 472-5511 or to receive a mobile instructor kit. When doing so, be sure to specify whether you will be using a Mac or a PC platform.

Step 4:

Download the Mac or PC version of the i>clicker software package from our website. The download from our site is pre-configured to work with UNL Canvas. Activate the clicker registration link in Canvas for the course/courses that you will be using the i>clicker2 Student Response System by following the steps outlined in the video tutorial found at Canvas Instructor Resources and Tutorial.

Step 5:

Review the user guide available from our website, and contact Learning Spaces if you feel that additional training and orientation would be beneficial.

Step 6:

Distribute the student user guide via Canvas and you’re ready to get started! If this is the first semester that you have used this type of technology, allow the time needed to adjust your teaching methods to the SRS. Although it is simple to use, engaging your class and addressing the questions that it will stimulate during class time may require you to modify the pace of your discussion topics and material.