T-Mobile Cellular Service

T-Mobile Cellular Service

If you are a current student, faculty, or staff, you are eligible for specialized T-Mobile plans only available to UNL.


Huskertech offers Verizon and T-Mobile services. We have exclusive cellular plans for current UNL faculty, staff, and students which include discounted rates and phones. Contracts are shorter, locations are convenient and billing is easy. Our bundled plans include unlimited data, unlimited texting, unlimited calling nights and weekends.

Any current UNL Faculty, staff and students as well as retired UNL employees are eligible for these services. Eligible customers are welcome to add multiple lines to their service. Retired employees must have signed up for service prior to retirement.

Getting Started

You can move over an existing number or sign up with a new one. If you would like to transfer a current number, you will need access to your current carrier's account information. If it's a new number we will only need the plan form filled out. All contracts and forms can be found in the "sign up for service" page. If you are wanting a new device, all phones are available on a per-order basis. Unless there are shipping delays, all phones are shipped and arrive to the Huskertech store within 3-5 business days. At this time you will be alerted of its arrival and can come pick it up at your earliest convenience. Our friendly staff can help you migrate all of your information over and get you set up with what you need.

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