Anti-Plagiarism (Turnitin)

Anti-Plagiarism (Turnitin)Anti-Plagiarism (Turnitin)

Turnitin provides instructors with a web-based plagiarism detection service to identify suspected acts of plagiarism. As an available tool within Canvas, the application checks submitted documents against its database and websites to identify unoriginal content. It can also be used in formative assessment to help students learn to avoid plagiarism and improve their writing.

Anti-Plagiarism (Turnitin)


University of Nebraska-Lincoln has partnered with the third-party application Turnitin to help maintain our standards of excellence in academic integrity. Turnitin is a suite of tools that provide instructors with information about the authenticity of submitted work and facilitates the process of grading for instructors. Submitted files are compared against an extensive database of content comprising of over 165 million journal articles, 850 million student papers, and 62 billion, current and archived, websites. Turnitin produces a similarity report and a similarity score. A similarity score is the percentage of a document that is similar to content held within the database. A similarity report gives the instructor more information about any potential matches and their sources. Turnitin does not determine if an instance of plagiarism has occurred. Instead, it gives instructors the information they need to determine the authenticity of work as a part of a larger process. All submissions to this course may be checked using Turnitin.

Note: Please visit information about Academic Honesty and Student Code of Conduct at UNL.

Getting Started

Turnitin is integrated with Canvas and ready for instrutors to use. Please visit the Canvas Turnitin module to learn more.

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