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UNL Academic Video is the video streaming and capturing service provided by VidGrid (formerly ilos).

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UNL Academic Video features:

  • Full service 99% ADA compliant closed captioning completed by real people at VidGrid
  • Edit videos in their library after it has been uploaded
  • Add a “blur” effect in editing mode to hide unwanted areas
  • Replace videos with updated versions without having to change the URL or embed code
  • Resize or remove the video window even as you record
  • Choose the area of the screen they want to capture
  • Better manage permissions for specific groups

Academic Video service to UNL campus:

The UNL Academic Video service is available to instructors and students at UNL. 

Video captioning service for UNL Campus: 

  • Professional Closed captioning is currently available  for individual students of need as determined by the Office of Student Disabilities. To request captioning under these guidelines, please contact Barbara Woodhead (bwoodhead1@unl.edu) at the Service for Students with Disabilities office.We hope to gauge user needs to determine if the proper resources to serve all faculty will be available at the end of Fall semester 2018 and if not, to allocate more resources as necessary. It is our desire to allow all faculty to professionally caption their videos with this service in the near future.

    Video recorded in General Purpose lecture halls using our Automated Lecture Capture service will also be captioned.

Getting Started:

Visit https://go.unl.edu/academicvideo and choose Enterprise Login. Enter your entire UNL email address and you will be taken to the UNL single sign on page. Enter your UNL credentials here, a VidGrid account will be created for you and you will be taken to your home page. 

If you have further questions please contact the Canvas Team at collaborate@unl.edu .

  • Voice to Text also called Machine Captioning is now available to users
  • This captioning is similar to that found in YouTube and other video platforms 
  • Processing is cloud based
  • Captions are added and a caption editor is available in VidGrid to make corrections manually

To initiate Machine Captioning open the CC menu from below your video playback page. You'll see the options for Professional or Machine capture.


ITS currently offers a free automated lecture capture service in specially equipped rooms. This service allows an instructor to have their lectures recorded automatically based on the course schedule. Classes will be recorded automatically then routed to the instructor's VidGrid library. Recordings in the rooms listed below will include a video camera focused on the instructor area, the PC image displayed on the screen and audio from the instructor's microphone.


Rooms currently equipped with Automated Lecture Capture:

ARCH 127

HENZ 124

JH 110

LLS 102

RH 15

TEAC 105


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