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Print IT is a pay-per-print kiosk that allows you to print from anywhere, securely, to any one of our Print IT kiosks on campus. Print IT is powered by Wepa.

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ITS PrintIT uses Wepanow technology as the campus-wide public printing solution with physical print locations in many public areas.

Wepa is connected throughout campus and operates through the cloud. Accounts you can print from include:

Getting Started

How do I put money in my Print IT (Wepa) Account?
  1. Credit card is accepted at all locations and through the Wepa cloud web portal.
  2. Pick up a wepa print card with cash or Credit Card at Love Library South and CYT Library AskUs areas.
  3. At the Print IT station, follow the steps defined.
  4. On your own device, go to the Print IT (Wepa) portal.
  5. Visit a HuskerTech location in the NU, NEU, Love Library South, Learning Commons and C.Y. Thompson Library to receive personalized help at the kiosk.
Can I add funds to my Wepa account using my NCard?

Title IV Federal Regulation prohibits the use of the NCard Account program to purchase credit balances.  Credit balances include any type of gift card (including reloadable cards), eGift card, and mobile application.

I had a bad print or the printer failed, how do I get a refund?

Refund Procedure for Defective Prints.

 I'm not a University student, staff, or faculty, can I still use Print IT?

Registering for an account is really easy! You can create an account at a Wepa kiosk or register at, click Login in the top right hand corner, click the Register tab. Once registered you can "tag" any card with a magnetic strip to automatically log into wēpa account and avoid manually entering username/password credentials.  Learn more on how to tag a card.  If you have any issues during this process, please do not hesitate to contact Wepa by phone at 1-800-675-7639 or by live chat at  from 6 am to 6 pm Central time.

Can I print from my device?

Yes, follow the how-to guide to set things up. If you need personal assistance, visit a HuskerTech Use IT location or contact Wepa by phone at 1-800-675-7639 or by live chat at  from 6 am to 6 pm Central time.

When I graduate or transfer, can I get a refund from my Print IT (Wepa) account?

No, Print IT funds are not refundable. Be judicious when adding funds to your account.

What happens to my Print IT (Wepa) account at the end of each semester?

Any funds you paid for will be carried forward to the next semester. If you graduate or transfer, see "Can I contiue to use my Wepa account after graduating". 

Can I continue to use my Wepa account upon transfer or graduation?

If you would like to continue to use the Wepa service and personal funds in the account after transferring or graduating, send an email to from your current wepa school e-mail address with a request to change the account to your new personal e-mail-address. You will then need to use the password reset function on the website to set the password for the new personal account. Please note, you are only able to transfer funds that you deposited with a debit/credit card. Funds provided by the school are not transferrable. 

Can I transfer funds to another person?

No, Print IT funds are for your use only, non-transferrable.

Can I pay for a print job with my credit or debit card?

If a user uses a credit card directly at the print station to pay for the print jobs only, there will be a $0.40 surcharge fee added to the total amount. However, there is an option to deposit a specific amount to their wepa account balance ($5, $10, etc.) where the $0.40 surcharge will not be added. Any remaining balance that is not used for the print jobs will remain in their wepa account balance for future printing and can be used by selecting the wepa account payment option. Learn more about Print Station payment options


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