Information Technology Services is available to meet your event technology needs, ranging from equipment set-up to full staffing and media support. 

Information Technology Services is here to help facilitate all of your special event technology support needs, we collaborate with many different offices to make sure we bring in all the services you need for your events.  Our mission is to provide exemplary leadership and services aimed at the evaluation, development, and implementation of the technology applications as well as specialized technology and support of University sponsored Special Events that foster education, outreach interest and goals of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

We have been facilitating temporary one time and recurring technology services for annual and occasional special events for many years and it can be extremely challenging in venues or locations designed for them and even more challenging when they are remote and don’t have the luxury of advanced planning for services. 

We are here to help you plan your event technology needs, in the case of off-site events we will collaborate with you and the venues technology provider to make sure you have all of your needs met for your upcoming events.  We are here to coordinate your event technology before, during and after the event to make your event successful.

Most facilities and classrooms available for your event are equipped with presentation stations, computers, and overhead projectors.  Please contact the ITS Special Event Technology Services as additional fees may apply to event technology and media services. Please see the Special Event Technology Services Rates for more information on specialized service request.  Some venues on campus have special fees for using their technology and you should inquire the facility that you are renting to make sure you have what you need.  In the case that the venue does not have the adequate technology services please contact us for special equipment service requests.

Some of our major events include (UNL’s Commencement, UNL’s Research Fairs, Press Conferences, Water for Food Annual Conference, Rural Futures Annual Conference and many more smaller conferences throughout the year.