Strategic plan
Our strategic plan.

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Connecting people, ideas, and technology for a better University, a better you.


To deliver agile, scalable, and trusted technology services through leadership and collaboration.

Future State

Everyone securely accessing everything, from anywhere, at any time.

Knowing who our customers are and what they need is paramount to ensuring that you, as a member of the UNL community, always have the technology, capacity, and security you need to work, study, teach, research, and learn, independent of location or platform.  Our goal is to provide solutions that enable flexibility, with IT support that is available 24x7x365.


ITS must be fully engaged with the UNL community to identify and support current needs and to anticipate the future IT needs of a CIC/BigTen/R1 research university.

UNL is mobile and global, so our service models must be on-time and available around the clock.  As a member of the UNL community, you expect on-demand and seamless access to applications, data, services, and support.

We must provide agile, scalable, and trusted delivery of the best technology available in the marketplace. Our goal is to ensure that the services we provide are strategically and tactically aligned with campus needs for research computing, emerging pedagogy, cross-departmental and inter-institutional collaboration.