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Logging Into / Configuring Zoom

Logging into Zoom

  1. Log in to the computer using UNL credentials (ex: hhusker2) and password.
  2. Open the Zoom Desktop App on the Desktop or search for Zoom in the search bar.
    zoom icon zoom join a meeting screenshot
  3. Click “Sign in” and then “Sign in with SSO”
    zoom sign in screenshot
  4. Type “unl” as the company domain. It should read “”
    zoom sign in SSO screenshot
  5. You will be redirected to a browser page where you can sign in with your UNL credentials.
    UNL canvas login screenshot
  6. Approve the Two-Factor Authentication request on your mobile device.
    TrueU push notification screenshot
  7. Launch a new meeting or launch a scheduled meeting
    Zoom app launch screenshot

Configuring Zoom Audio

Before you begin: You must use the lapel microphone provided in the classroom if you wish to host Zoom from the classroom PC.

    1. Ensure that the correct microphone and speakers are set by clicking the arrow next to the microphone while in a Zoom meeting.
      zoom screenshot of microphone
    2. Choose “DVX” as speaker, and “Realtek Audio or Same as System” as microphone.  *Note: The exact name of device may vary from room to room, make sure to test speaker and microphone to ensure the correct devices are selected
      zoom screenshot of microphone configuration
    3. If you wish, you can click “Test Speaker & Microphone” to ensure the settings are correct. Listen for a ringtone when testing the speakers. Listen for your voice to be played back to you to test the microphone.
      zoom screenshot of audio configuruation
    4. Adjust the volume by clicking the audio settings option under the menu next to the microphone icon in the meeting. *Note: This will only affect the volume for Zoom

Watch a Zoom video tutorial