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Attention Connect Users
New Adobe Connect Data Retention Policy

In an effort to more effectively manage storage space on our Adobe Connect server, administrators will be deleting recordings and videos more than 18 months old from the server at connect.unl.edu Users will have until March 28, 2016 to archive the recordings and other media they wish to keep if they have been on connect.unl.edu for more than 18 months.

Most of the data in storage now is comprised of recorded meetings aned videos that have been uploaded by the user. Recordings and videos will be maintained and available for 18 months and will then be deleted by our server administrators. It will be the responsibility of the owner of the recording to ensure that an archived copy is made of the recording within that time. 

This policy does not affect Adobe Presenter presentations. If you published a Presenter file to the Connect server it will not be deleted.

Instructions on how to archive recordings and alternative storage and streaming locations are available below.

Please verify that your downloaded recording is complete. We have seen cases where the mp4 is incomplete or has missing audio. Please scroll through your videos after they have been downloaded to ensure they are working correctly.

Videos (MP4, FLV)  stored on the Connect server will be maintained and available for 18 months and will be deleted by our server administrators. It will be the responsibility of the owner of the recording to ensure that an archived copy is made of the recording within that time. If a video should need to be hosted by Connect to be viewed by a live online audience the video should be stored on Connect for the duration of that need and removed by the user when it is not needed. Box@unl is an excellent place to host your videos, storage is unlimited and free and it is optimized to stream virtually any video format. Instructions for uploading your videos to Box may be found below.

Mediahub is another excellent place to store and share your videos. Login using your LDAP/Shibboleth credentials go to Manage Media and you will find simple instructions explaining how to upload and share your videos.


How To Download An Existing Video For Migration To Box

To download a video you have uploaded previously to your Adobe Connect account go to the folder called My Content. Find the video you wish to download and click on it. A new page called Content Information will open. You will see a link called Download Content, click this and you will see a link to download your video file click this and the video will download to your personal computer. You may then import the video into Box by following the instructions below.

If you need to upload your video into Adobe Connect again in the future to share it in a meeting room simply download the archived copy from Box and upload it to your content area in Connect. Box has no expiration date and allows you to store as many videos as you like.

How To Create an offline recording

If you want people who do not have access to an Adobe Connect server to view a meeting recording, create an offline version. The offline recording is saved as either an FLV file or an MP4 file, which may be viewed locally on your computer or distributed via email, CD, or a server; Box.unl.edu is a good choice to store your archived videos, users and departments have unlimited storage there at no cost, it integrates with UNL's standard authentication procedure and it is optimized to stream video. Videos hosted in Box will have a URL that may be copied and pasted into Blackboard, embedded in a web page or shared via email.

Note: Creating an offline recording takes approximately the same amount of time as the duration of the original meeting recording.
You can minimize the offline recording window or view other windows on top of it without interfering with the contents of your recording.

From the Adobe Connect Central home page, click Meetings or Training, and then click the meeting or classroom that includes the recording.

Make recordings offline in MP4 or FLV format (Adobe Connect 9.5)

In Adobe Connect 9.5, you can convert a recording to an offline copy in MP4 or FLV format. This conversion happens on your local system using the Adobe Connect add-in. On Mac only one instance of add-in can be launched at a time so you cannot attend a meeting while creating an offline recording. On Windows, multiple instances of the add-in can be launched simultaneously so you can attend a meeting while converting one or more recordings offline.
  1. Login to Adobe Connect Central and locate the recording that you want to convert to MP4.

  2. Against the recording, click Actions to open the pop up menu and click Make Offline. The recording is opened in the add-in along with a pop-up dialog.

  3. In the Offline Recording dialog, select MP4 or FLV as an output option. Also, select the quality using either the slider or by customizing the settings of the output by selecting Advanced Options.

    View full size graphic
    Settings to convert a recording to an offline file
  4. Optionally, to save the Advanced Options as the default, click the check box Set as default.

    Note: The set as default option is client specific that means on a specific machine a user can continue to use set defaults. On a different machine, the system default (HD quality) remains.
  5. Click Proceed with Offline Recording. Browse and save the file in a local folder. The recording will play in the add-in and get converted to MP4. A dialog box pops up when the conversion is finished and provides the details of the actual recording.

    Note: The actual quality and resolution of the generated MP4 depends on your system resources and may be equal to or lower than the chosen settings. Check the popup dialog box at the end for the Resolution and the FPS achieved.
    Summary of the actual quality of the offline recording

Here is a link to a short video explaining the archive process:

Here are the steps to upload videos from your computer to Box:

  1. Go to box.unl.edu and sign in to your account. If you don't have an account, then create one.
  2. Once you have signed into your account, click NEW button located at left side of the screen. Select New Folder option. Specify a folder name for your video album. Click Okay button. This is the folder where your videos will be uploaded.
  3. Click on the folder you created. You will see an empty folder at the moment because you haven't uploaded anything there yet.
  4. To upload videos to this folder, click Upload button located left side of the screen. Select Upload File option.
  5. File Upload window opens up. Browse and select the videos you want to upload.
  6. Once your files are successfully uploaded, you will be prompted with a message that says Upload Complete.

By default the video will be available to anyone who has its URL but you may add a passcode or make it unavailable if you wish. To share the video just copy its URL and paste it into your Blackboard course or email. There is also an embed code if you wish to add it to a webpage. It's all very intuitive and takes minutes. You may also keep track of who viewed your video in Box if you set the permissions to force viewers to login with their UNL credentials.

Notifications on the Connect login screen will be provided each academic year advising users of the impending deletion of content. Effort will be made to accommodate special circumstances as they arise. Training and consultation will be available regarding best practices for archiving and finding alternate storage and streaming solutions for academic video.

Need Help? 
mail mysupport@unl.edu or visit mysupport.unl.edu to open a support ticket


Using UNL Adobe Connect

UNL Adobe Connect gives you everything you need to present high quality web meetings from your own office.

Share your webcam, voice and computer desktop with as many participants as you wish in a clean, user friendly online meeting space of your own design. Show high quality images of your computer in real time, use polling to get opinions or feedback. Your meeting room is available online anytime with a single unique URL. You can even record your classes and meetings and share them. 

  • Class can be recorded; nontraditional students can participate in class from their own homes or from anywhere
  • Share your computer's screen, a specific document or a collaborative whiteboard
  • Annotate your lectures in real time using built-in whiteboard tools
  • Integrate your phone bridge audio
  • Reduce travel budgets
  • Not just for teaching: Dissertation defense, HR training sessions, Job training and more

Access Connect

ITS provides Adobe Connect Pro service to the campus, which we call UNLConnect. You may access UNLConnect using your UNL LDAP/Active Directory credentials here. If you wish to upload content or have the ability to author your own meetings, get more information about Adobe Connect Pro, or to request specialized training, contact contact Collaboration Technology support staff at collaborate@unl.edu.

What is Adobe Connect?

Adobe Connect is a service that provides a feature-rich web communication system. It features high impact online meetings, training, and presentations, all of which can be accessed instantly through any web browser.

Adobe Connect empowers non-technical subject matter experts to easily create effective, engaging communication that includes voice, video, PowerPoint, pdf and more.

  •  Delivers real-time meetings and seminars everyone can access instantly, through any web browser, without downloading cumbersome plug-ins
  •  Provides unparalleled support for sharing rich content, including streaming audio, video, and software simulations, and enables multi-point video conferencing
  •  Offers customizable meeting room configurations, all content is automatically saved and available for the next session, dramatically reducing preparation time for recurring seminars, team meetings, and sales presentations
  •  Breakout rooms let you create ad hoc collaboration teams within your meeting to further discussion, creation and learning

 How Do I Get an Adobe Connect Account?

To get started, please visit connect.unl.edu and log in using your LDAP credentials (usually the same as your Blackboard login and password).
If you're not sure what they are, visit https://id.unl.edu to verify your LDAP information or contact the UNL Help Desk at 472-3970.

Once you have successfully logged in create a ticket at mysupport.unl.edu and we will complete setting up your account and contact you with more information, tutorials and FAQs.

For more information on how to use Connect visit Connect Central’s Getting Started page and the Adobe Connect Reference page.

Need Help?
mail mysupport.unl.edu or visit mysupport.unl.edu to open a support ticket


 For after-hours support call Adobe Connect 24/7 Support 1-800-422-3623

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