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ITS no longer offers Fax machine sales. If you need a line pulled to use your fax machine order a New Wire Pull through the Telecom Request System.
For Fax equipment consider the following options.


Local Vendors

All departments are now responsible for purchasing fax equipment from local vendors.
If you need assistance in making this type of purchase you can contact
Roger Spiehs (472-5741) with the UNL Purchasing department for help.

Re-evaluate your Copy Needs!

The University Copy Center does not carry or service Fax Machines.
They do however have copy machines with faxing capabilities.
Combine your multiple office machines into one handy unit!
Contact the Copy Center (472-3211) for copiers with fax features.


For repair of your existing fax machine, contact the vendor you purchased it from or,
contact the manufacturer of the device. Consult your machine documentation for more information.