What is UM, what does UM do and why would I want it?    

Unified Messaging (UM) simplifies everyday communications by letting you manage all of your messages using a PC or a phone. This means you spend less time retrieving and managing your messages from multiple sources. When traveling, you can access and retrieve all types of messages via one or more interfaces (such as computer, phone, etc.) regardless of how they arrived -- whether by phone, fax or e-mail. With UM, you choose how you want to communicate. UM provides a means to receive faxes in your e-mail inbox 24 hours a day.
UM service allows you to:

  • Gather all your messages from office, lab, secondary office, FAXs, and mobile phones into one mailbox by using a PC, telephone, PDA or Web browser.
  • Listen to e-mail messages over the phone via text-to-speech conversion and reply instantly.
  • Send and receive fax messages with a PC.
  • Reply to e-mail messages by creating a voicemail message that the system attaches to an e-mail message.
  • Reply in the "medium" of choice, allowing you to use the application and device which is most convenient for you.
  • Work with compound messages, such as forwarding an e-mail or fax message with a voice introduction, or embedding voice messages into e-mails.
  • Notify your cell phone or alternate extension of all message activity in your mailbox.

UM can do all this for $1.00 per month.  Contact Client Services at 2-3434 to signup.

unified messagingImage courtesy of AVST

To access the voicemail system's web user interface go to https://voicemail.nebraska.edu

For instructions on how to reset your voicemail PIN go to https://its.unl.edu/VM_PIN_Reset/