Wireless Access

There are a several different wireless networks available at the UNL campus. These networks are identified by their SSID, or Service Set Identifier. The choice of which of these networks to use depends on whether you are a student, a faculty or staff member, a visiting scholar, a conference attendee or a short-term visitor.


Wireless Registration

This network is a captive portal for registering your wireless device for access to the UNL-AIR, and UNL-AIR-E networks. This network provides no internet access and was designed to allow easy access to the wireless registration page . It is only to be used to register your wireless network devices.


Report WiFi issues

Register Your Device


For Students, Faculty and Staff


Intended to be the general network for the campus community. Students, faculty and staff should use this secure network whenever possible.

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The original campus wireless network. This network is unsecured and should only be used if your device is unable to use the “UNL-AIR-E” network.

guest access

For Guests to Campus


6-month access • Guests may re-register an unlimited number of times
This network provides easy and convenient access for general visitors. It is intended to be short-term in nature, and has limited access to campus resources.

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For Conference Attendees


This network was designed for medium to large visiting groups and conferences.  Faculty or staff members may request a conference login here.

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Remote Access for Visiting Colleagues/Off-Campus Wireless for UNL Travelers


eduroam is the “education roaming” network. This is to be used by visiting scholars and staff of participating institutions to access internet resources when they are traveling or doing remote work.  The UNL community should not use this while at UNL but are encouraged to use the network when traveling to any of the over 5000 plus participating locations includes almost all the Big 10 Universities.

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