What is eduroam?

  • eduroam (education roaming) is a secured wireless network service that allows students, staff, and faculty to use their home institution's wireless credentials to access wireless network services, when visiting other eduroam participating institutions, without having to set up a guest account.
  • eduroam is offered throughout 36 European countries, 6 Asia-Pacific countries, the United States*, and Canada.
  • With hundreds of thousands of wireless access points sharing a common SSID, eduroam acts as one large, world-wide, wireless hotspot.

More info at eduroam-us

*Note: eduroam is still in the early stages of its development in the United States. This documentation describes the services and connection methods as they are intended to perform. However, in practice you may encounter occasional difficulties at this or other locations until this new service becomes more established. We anticipate the standardization of the service will improve in the U.S. over time.

What does it do?

For the traveler: eduroam provides per-user, per-session encrypted network access for visitors from participating institutions, without the need to gain guest credentials on arrival to an eduroam enabled location. The connectivity is instantaneous and the infrastructure is authenticated by the user. Study abroad students can join thousands of eduroam hotspots without any hassle or any data roaming charges.

For the institution: eduroam removes the administrative steps required to provision visitors from other educational institutions. Access between networks from R&E institutions is negotiated once during the federation process and for all members of participating institutions. The eduroam network addresses CALEA requirements for visitors from other schools.

Before you start


Click button to automatically configure your wireless device to UNL's eduroam network.

It is strongly recommended that you configure your wireless device at UNL before you travel to a participating institution. When you are attempting to access a non-UNL eduroam network, support may be difficult to find, and UNL's ITS support staff will have limited ability to assist in trouble-shooting the connection. Instructions for manually configuring your wireless device to use eduroam is provided below.


When you visit a participating eduroam institution, use your "My.UNL ID" University of Nebraska credentials. For example:

  • login id:
  • password: My.UNL ID-password

To log on to an eduroam wireless network (SSID) listed as "eduroam", you must include to enable eduroam to identify your affiliated University.

Likewise, visitors from member institutions can access UNL's wireless network by signing in through eduroam with their university account, such as and their University of Iowa id.

UNL provides an automated "eduroam" configuration script that will allow your wireless device to connect to the "eduroam" SSID. When you run the configuration script from the link provided below it will prompt you to enter your "My.UNL ID" user name and password. It is advised that you have java enable on your wireless device. On some devices like android phones it may prompt you to down load an "Xpressconnect" App to assist in configuring your phone. There are also links provided to manually configure your Windows, Apple and Linux computers.

Manual configuration
Windows 8
Windows 7
Generic Device with certificate


eduroam will be available at UNL at all wireless access points

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