Encrypted Wireless

How to connect to the internet via the encrypted UNL-AIR-E wireless network.

Wireless encryption provides a high level of assurance that your information is not observed when it crosses the wireless segment of the network.
Computers are subject to numerous security threats when connecting to a network wirelessly over a radio signal. An encrypted wireless network encodes the radio signal, safeguarding against unauthorized third-party monitoring or intervention.
It is recommended that you use the UNL configuration wizard to configure your wireless device.  UNL’s secure-it wizard configures your wireless device to access to the "UNL-AIR-E" wireless network. It does not install any software or additional certificates to your wireless device. The wizard makes the fewest possible configuration changes to your native operating system to enable it to connect to the "UNL-AIR-E" network.
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To run the UNL configuration wizard a user would need to be attached to the “UNL-AIR” SSID and then bring up a browser. Then you need to web to the following link:


If the configuration Wizard prompts you for a username and password, enter “unlwireless” for the username and “encrypted” as the password.

Secure it screen

You will need to accept the license terms by selecting “Start>”
The process is automated and should take approximately 20 to 30 seconds.
Once completed Windows users will be automatically migrated to the encrypted "UNL-AIR-E" network. Apple users will manually need to connect to the "UNL-AIR-E" network after completing the wizard.

If the Configuration Wizard does not work for your device or you wish to configure your device manually, the following instructions are provided.

You should be able to manually configure any Apple, Windows or Linux Operating System to connect to the encrypted "UNL-AIR-E" wireless network.
 To connect to the encrypted wireless network follow the instructions below.
1)    First you need to register your wireless device’s MAC address so you can connect to the  
“UNL-AIR” network.
To register your wireless MAC go to the following link.  https://its-wlreg.unl.edu  (If you have not done so already)
2)    Verify you are able to connect to the "UNL-AIR" wireless network. After verifying that you can connect to "UNL-AIR" network, configure your wireless device to use WPA2-enterprise.  It may be shown also as PEAP Authentication with MS-CHAP(v2) as the inner authentication mechanism.
3)    When asked for a certificate, choose “none”, “no” or just leave the option blank.
4)    For the username and password we use global credentials. For the username enter “unlwireless” and for the password enter “encrypted”.
When the following steps are completed, you should be able to connect to the “UNL-AIR-E” wireless network.

For additional questions, please contact the Computer Help Center
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E-mail: mysupport@unl.edu