About ITS

Information Technology Services (ITS) offers a broad range of services designed to meet the computing, communications, and networking needs of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) faculty, staff and students. ITS provides:

  • products and services for the coordination of voice, video and data technologies;
  • support for the integration of multimedia into the curriculum; and
  • a single information technology support group for UNL—coordinating and supporting the needs of Teaching, Research, Outreach, and Administration.

ITS was formed in 1995 and was first headed by Kent Hendrickson, Associate Vice-Chancellor until February, 2008.

Information Technology Services Leadership & Teams

Within the UNL structure, Information Technology Services reports to the Office of the Chancellor.

Mark Askren, CIO

Mark Askren
Vice Chancellor for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer

ITS is led by Mark Askren, Vice Chancellor for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer

Kimberly Harper
Director of IT Strategic Planning, Portfolio Management and Marketing CSN/ITS

Leading IT business services teams with combined annual budgets of over $40M. Harper also oversees  strategic communications within ITS in addition to continuing her current CSN Director role which includes managing their services portfolio as well as leading their project management and service desk teams.

Rick Haugerud
Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) for UNCSN and UNL

Responsible for applying security tools and best practices for data in motion and at rest for the University.

Deanna Reynolds

Director, Student Information Systems

Provides programming, support, analysis and oversight to the Nebraska Student Information System (NESIS).

Michael RuhrdanzCSN Assistant CIO for Network Services/Director, Infrastructure and Operations

Provides UNL and its state-wide interests with an advanced, reliable, high-performance network; provides Internet services; datacenter and operations center functions, security services and serves the telecommunications needs of the University.

Heath Tuttle

Director of Academic Technologies - Strategy, Support, & Services

Partners with the Office of the Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs to provide strategy, support, and services for learning and emerging technologies, application development, quality assurance & change management, project management, and data analytics.

Neil Wineman
Director, Client Services

Provides customer-facing technology services and client support through the Computer Help Center and Computer Repair.

Enterprise Desktop Services offers automated computer support using the latest technology that automatically updates your computer software, helps to ensure security, and provisions software and tools when you need them.
Wineman is also responsible for all ITS HR staff and functions.


Information Technology Services leads, coordinates and operates a number of enterprise IT services and initiatives.  For more information, look through our Service Catalog.

Service Catalog

Administration Contact Information

Web: http://its.unl.edu
Telephone: (402) 472-4242
Fax: (402) 472-5280
Mail: 413 Love Library, Lincoln, NE 68583-0496