Safe Computing

Safe computing
Safe Computing Guidelines

Protect Yourself from Computer viruses, spyware, scams & spam

Computer viruses, spyware, and spam not only disrupt your work day with computer and network problems, but can result in identity theft. To avoid these problems, please follow these guidelines.

  • Do NOT open or preview any e-mail message that looks suspicious. If you open an e-mail message or see a pop-up window message and it is asking for personal or financial information, do NOT click on any links. For more information on avoiding identity theft,
    please go to the "Don't Get Caught by Phishing Scams" link at
  • Protect your passwords and do NOT share them with anyone. Sharing account information with people you know or through "social engineering" are the most common reasons for identity theft. UNL will NEVER ask you for your passwords. If you fear an account may be compromised, change the password. (Your My.UNL password can be reset here) Learn how to select a more secure password here.
  • Do NOT open any e-mail attachment you are not expecting to receive, even if the message appears to come from someone you know or from Information Services or Microsoft. Instead, first confirm its authenticity by contacting the sender. Neither IS nor Microsoft sends security patches or virus DAT updates as attachments via e-mail.
  • Make sure your anti-virus software's virus definition files are automatically updated daily (or more often). The UNL site license with Cortex by Palo Alto provides anti-virus software free-of-charge to all faculty, staff, and students for work and home computers. For installation and configuration instructions, please see the anti-virus information page:
  • Set the "Windows update" feature to automatically install all critical system updates as soon as Microsoft issues them. The Huskertech Help Center homepage provides links to the Microsoft web pages that provide instructions for enabling automatic system updates for every version of Windows. If you have questions on any of these guidelines, please contact:
    Huskertech Help Center at 472-3970 (toll free 866-472-3970) or

Additional Resources

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It's very important that your PC is set to receive automatic updates from Microsoft and your anti-virus provider. If you have any concerns about your computer, contact your local computer support tech or the
Huskertech Help Center

472-3970 or toll-free
(866) 472-3970

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