Project management strategy

Project Management Strategy for IT


Aligning the right resources to deliver the right projects at the right time.


Establishing common project management tools, language and best practices to align projects, resources and people to the University’s strategic goals.  

Build a network of skilled and experienced project managers through mentoring and development.
Continuously improve project efficiencies through the use of repeatable and scalable processes.


Create a culture where project management excellence is a part of the everyday in order to better use University time and resources.  

Focus the University's investment in project management on the value add of project management
processes by providing a source of leadership, education, project management templates, best practices
and project planning that is the right size fit for the organization.

Single comprehensive source of organization’s project data to provide the foundation for mission-driven
leadership decision-making, reporting, budgetary planning and resource planning needs.  


Provide a means to address the various skill levels and needs of our project managers and teams in
order to consistently deliver highly successful projects.

The differing informational needs of our various stakeholders can only be met through a single
comprehensive approach to project management by creating a common toolset, platform and
framework that fosters successful projects and outcomes.

A single comprehensive approach to project management must be utilized in order to provide a
consistent level of information regarding projects and to effectively plan, implement and complete
projects on time and on budget to meet the differing needs of the stakeholders.