Safer Community Android Migration to Google Play Store

The following instructions are for users of Safer Community who earlier downloaded a version of the app from UNL's server. As Safer Community is now available in the Google Play store, we need to migrate to the Google Play version in order to receive important app updates. This page guides you through the migration process.

First, Save Your Secret QR Code

In the version of Safer Community that you downloaded from UNL's server, you have an encrypted QR code that needs to be saved for use in the new version. This secret QR code contains encryption keys used to protect your data in Safer Community. Without these keys, your phone will not be able to unlock your test results and reported symptoms, and your building access status will not be updated.

Your QR secret code is used to transfer your encryption keys to a second or replacement phone.

We do not store your private encryption key on our servers. You should not share this QR code with anyone else.

Important! If you don't take this step then reinstall the app later, you will likely lose your testing history.

To save your QR Code:

  • Open the Settings menu
  • Tap COVID-19 Private Key
  • Tap Save on the COVID-19 QR Code screen
Secret QR Code Sample
Your COVID-19 Encryption key screen from the Safer Community app. depicting a sample QR code

Next, Uninstall and Reinstall the Safer Community App on your Android Device

From your Android device, go to the Safer Community page on the Google Play store.

  1. 1. Tap Uninstall
    Safer Community uninstall button screenshot
  2. 2. Then tap install
    Safer Community install button screenshot
  3. 3. After it installs, tap open. Select University of Nebraska - Lincoln, tap continue
    Safer Community continue screenshot
  4. 4. Read the privacy statement
    Safer Community privacy statement screenshot
  5. 5. Check “Acknowledge” on privacy statement and tap continue
    Safer Community privacy statement agreement screenshot
  6. 6. Optionally, turn on the Exposure Notification System by clicking the consent button
    Safer Community Exposure Notification consent button screenshot
  7. 7. Tap Retrieve your QR Code and select your secret code
    Safer Community QR retrieval screenshot
  8. 8. Once you've selected your code, your app will show you a verification screen
    Safer Community approval screenshot

Save your QR code

Important! After you reinstall, it is recommended that you save your QR code again. If you don't take this step then reinstall the app later, you may lose your testing history.

You can save your QR code to your phone or connected cloud storage:

  1. Open the Settings menu and tap the QR Code button.
  2. Tap Save on the COVID-19 QR Code screen.