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You may call any of our service areas during our business hours. After hours you may call and leave a voice message.

Departmental Services

Centrex Services, 211 Nebraska Hall
Phone, wire line
Phone: 472-3434
Fax: 472-2410

IT Financial Services

Phone: 402-472-2002
    Fax: 472-2410
    Toll Free: 877-559-6004


Student Billing

Phone: 472-5151

Operator Services

Conferencing, UNL Operations Center
On-Campus: Dial 0*
Off-Campus: 472-3711*
Fax: 472-5640

* Operator Services is available 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

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UNL Computer & Phone Shop

Cell phones, wireless call plans
Lower Level City Campus Union

Phone: 472-5151