DLC Student Policies

Please read the DLC student policies
Check back with us soon to download a copy of the DLC Student Policies

How to reserve an exam slot

Go to https://dlc-reserve.unl.edu and click to log in with either your UserName or NUID.

Step 1.

Find the exam you want to take and click the register button to begin. 

Step 2.

Select one of the available dates for your exam.

Step 3.

Select your desired time slot from the list of available times.

Step 4.

Verify the time and date of your exam, then click the REGISTER button.

Step 5.

 Your appointment is now registered. A confirmation email will be sent to you.

Manage Upcoming Exams

Click the Edit link next to the exam to reschedule. Repeat steps 3-5 from above.

How to take an exam

Available language translators

Students of instructors who allow “Electronic Translators” will be able to use our iPad Translator on a first-come, first-served basis. For a list of languages available for translation,  please see the Google Translate catalog. Translate Catalog