Campus Phone Service

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Monday, January 22

When any phone service is installed for a UNL customer, the phone number is attached to a physical location as part of our Telecommunications Department’s E911 compliance.

If you need to move your phone service from one location to another (even within the same building, floor or office), PLEASE DO NOT MOVE THE DEVICE YOURSELF. Doing so will invalidate the correct location information and would provide incorrect information to responders in the event 911 is called from your phone.

Please contact Centrex at 472-3434 and they will assist in getting your phone service moved and registered properly to maintain proper E911 compliance.

Monthly Installation
(includes basic voicemail, call transfer/3-party conference, call forward, call hold, local and long distance access) - $31.47 $45.05
Analog Extension of Basic Telephone - $15.17 $13.75

Monthly Installation
8009 basic analog $2.00 No charge w/ Basic Service
9316 (analog display & speakerphone) $5.00 No charge w/ Basic Service
9417 (analog 2-line w/display & speakerphone) $5.75 No charge w/ Basic Service
5316 (digital display & speakerphone) $15.00 No charge w/ Basic Service

Monthly Installation
Unified Messaging (UM) Transfers voice and fax messages to email inbox $1.00 $6.00
Call Pick Up Answer  other ringing telephones with call pick up $0.50 $6.00
Message Waiting Indicator On analog phones a flashing light indicates new voicemails $1.50 $18.70
Caller ID N/C $6.00
Name N/C $6.00
Public Address N/C $6.00

Moving a line (one bldg. to another) $45.05
Moving a line (within a bldg.) $19.75
Changing phone set type $31.30

A VoIP phone or IP Phone uses voice over IP (VoIP) technologies for placing and transmitting telephone calls over an IP network, such as the Internet, instead of the traditional public switched telephone network (PSTN).


per number station $30.59 (includes the 1120E VoIP phone and domestic long distance)
number station install $45.05
per VoIP extension of existing number $25
VoIP extension install $13.75

IP Phones and Clients
Two desktop IP telephones are available.  These are the 1120E and the 1140E IP telephone sets
Suitable for knowledge workers and administrative personnel, the 1120E is a  multi-line, intermediate-level desktop phone delivering innovative features. These include a high-resolution grayscale display, an integrated 10/100/1000 switch with LAN and PC ports, and a standard USB port.

The award-winning 1140E IP desk phone with Gigabit Ethernet brings a new dimension in communication features and capabilities. Designed for managers, executives, knowledge workers and senior administrative staff, this multi-line, professional-level desktop phone delivers enhanced communication capabilities, a large high-resolution graphical grayscale display, an IEEE 10/100/1000 switch with LAN and PC ports, an integrated Bluetooth audio gateway, and a standard USB port.

Monthly Rental: $10.00


soft phone
The IP Softphone 2050 for Windows PC transforms your PC into a full-featured platform which can now offer real-time, feature-rich voice communications along with support of data communications. The IP Softphone 2050 can be used as a primary or supplemental desktop IP Phone whether at the office, at home or on the road. Users simply load the software and plug in an approved headset or handset into the USB Audio Adapter port to start communicating.