Cellular Number Transfer off UNL

Please use the below form to request to transfer your number from our UNL cellular account to a different cellular provider outside of UNL. Once we receive your request we will email you instructions on how to proceed. Note that filling out this form initiates the process, but the transfer will not complete and billing will not end until you reach out to the new carrier and successfully transfer the line over. Please note these requests will only be valid for 30 days from the date requested. T-Mobile can only be done on the 20th of the month, if that falls on the weekend it will be done the weekday closest to the 20th (18th or 19th) since they won't prorate.

Please enter the number(s) you would like to transfer without dashes.
Please enter the name of the new carrier you would like to transfer to.
Terms and Conditions Required
By filling out this form you are acknowledging that early termination fees may apply and will be billed to your account if your line is not out of contract. You are also acknowledging that this is only initiating the request. Your number will not be transferred off of our account until you complete the transfer process with the new carrier.