Before going out of the country we recommend adding a global feature to your line. Verizon has two options:

  • $10/day TravelPass ($5/day for Canada and Mexico): 

Covers calls, texts, and data use. Data will slow down after 0.5GB of data use and resets each 24-hour session. Must be on the $60/month unlimited minutes plan in order to add this feature. 

  • $30/month prorated unlimited global data feature

Covers unlimited data (does not slow down after 0.5GB). Calls are not included, you can view the per minute rate here. Texts are $0.50 to send and $0.05 to receive. Apps that run on data (FaceTime/iMessage, Whatsapp, FaceBook Messenger, etc) are useful for communication if you choose this feature. 

Below you can find the request form to add a global feature as well as country coverage information.

Global Feature Request

For use while traveling outside the US

Does not cover cruise ships

Add Feature
Remove Feature

$5 Global Calling Request

For use while in the US calling to a different country

Lowers the per minute rate

Add/Remove Feature

Calling Rate while Outside the US