These prices are only available to those who currently have Verizon service with the University and are eligible to upgrade or those starting a new line of service with the University. Please visit to start new service.

Shipping within Nebraska is free. For shipments outside of Nebraska additional shipping and handling fees may apply. All packages must be signed for at time of delivery and some devices may have shipping delays. You will need to call us at 402-472-5151 in order to activate the new device. A $25 activation fee is applied to all orders.

Please enter the phone number that you would like to upgrade without dashes. If you don't know the phone number you can input the IMEI which can be found underneath the device's battery or in its settings.
Ensure your address is entered correctly. We are not responsible for any shipping discrepancies. All phones are shipped through FedEx or UPS and must be signed for at time of delivery. Cannot ship to PO boxes. A $30 shipping fee will be billed for out of state orders.
Verizon Contract Renewal Required
Contract obligations include but aren't limited to the following: This upgrade order will move you under all Verizon contract stipulations and place this line in a new 2-year contract. The new contract starts the date you activate the device and not the date it is ordered or received. An early termination fee is applied to cancels or numbers that are transferred to a different carrier prior to the 24-month contract ending. The early termination fee is $500 if canceled or transferred within the first 12 months and $250 after 12 months. Data is throttled to 200kpbs up/down once you reach 25GB in a given billing cycle (23rd to 22nd). Verizon devices are locked for 60 days. If you have any questions about the Verizon contract or want additional information, please email or call us. Terms and conditions are subject to change at Verizon's discretion.