Verizon Basic Phone Upgrade

These prices are only available to those who currently have service with the University and are eligible to upgrade or those starting a new line of service with the University. Please visit to start new service.

Note that due to COVID-19 we will be shipping all phones directly to customers. Shipping within Nebraska is free. For shipments outside of Nebraska additional shipping and handling fees may apply. All phones must be signed for at time of delivery and some phones may have shipping delays. You will need to call us at 402-472-5151 in order to activate the new phone. A $25 activation fee is applied to all phone orders.

Verizon is no longer offering their insurance through our cellular account. We will be offering CPS (Consumer Priority Service) Warranty Protection as an option to add additional coverage to your phone. Please visit to view details. If you would like to add this coverage, that webform will need to be completed and payment for the coverage plan will be taken at the time the phone is picked up.

Please enter the phone number that you would like to upgrade.
Please note prices and phone availability are subject to change. *See price in parentheses for shared lines on family plans
By clicking "Agree" you understand you are renewing your 1-year contract and agree to all terms and conditions *
*Please note that this upgrade phone order will move you under Verizon contract stipulations. You will now have data throttled to 200kpbs up/down once you reach 25GB in a given billing cycle (23rd to 22nd). If you have any questions about the Verizon contract please email or call us.