T-Mobile Upgrade Request

Use the below form to request an upgrade for existing UNL T-Mobile service. Note that prices and phone model availability may change daily at T-Mobile's discretion and therefore is not posted here. Reach out to us either by phone at 402-472-5151 or email us at its-huskertech@nebraska.edu for pricing and model availability before placing your request.

Please be aware that all phones will ship to the Huskertech store location by default. If you would like the phone shipped to an out-of-state address, please contact us directly via email to place the order. Additional shipping and handling fees may apply. A $25 activation fee is applied to all phone orders.

Please enter the phone number that you would like to upgrade.
If not applicable please enter N/A
Since pricing can vary at T-Mobile's discretion, we will respond via email to confirm details and pricing.
T-Mobile Contract Renewal Required
Contract obligations include but aren't limited to the following: This upgrade phone order will move you under all T-Mobile contract stipulations and place your line in a new 24-month contract. A plan change may be required. You must be on the $50 plan to upgrade at the discounted phone price. The early termination fee for this contract is $500. T-Mobile phones are locked for the 24-month contract period. If you have any questions about the T-Mobile contract or want additional information, please email or call us. Terms and conditions are subject to change at T-Mobile's discretion.