Fill out this form to add or remove the smart watch feature to your plan.

Please select if you would like a smart watch feature added or removed.
The date this is submitted is the date the feature will be added. Please note that features can only be added and removed during business hours. If you request outside of those hours, it will be completed at first business day following request.
Enter the phone number that will be attached to the watch.
Please enter the 10-digit cellular number assigned to the watch you'd like disconnected. The watch's number can be found on your monthly bill.
The IMEI can be found on the back of your smart watch box. If you have paired your watch to your phone, it can also be found in the watch application on your phone under general - about - and scroll down to IMEI.
In order to add the watch feature, Verizon requires a primary address in the event of a 911 emergency.