Before we can transfer your service to the UNL Verizon account, you will need to contact Verizon at 1-800-922-0204 to release your line(s) to the University of Nebraska Verizon account. The account holder of your current plan will need to be the one to call. This will allow us to transfer your service to our account and we won't be able to initiate that transfer process until you complete the call. Once you've finished speaking with Verizon please fill out the individual smartphone plan form. Allow 2-3 business days for the transfer to complete. We will email you once the transfer has completed or if we need any additional information. Email us at or call us at 402-472-5151 with any questions.

If you are experiencing issues trying to release your lines, we typically recommend letting the representative know that you want to change the billing responsibility to an existing Verizon business account with the University of Nebraska - Lincoln. You can also get on a conference call with us by asking them to call 402-472-5151 during our business hours.