2 ways to release your Verizon line to UNL

1. Using your MyVerizon log-in:

Use this link and select "start a new transfer". You will then need to log in to your MyVerizon account and follow these instructions:

  • Choose which line(s) you would like to transfer to the UNL Verizon account
  • Select "I want to transfer line(s) to a business account."
  • Fill out only the following fields:

First name: UNL

Last name: Huskertech

Business name: University of Nebraska - Lincoln

Email address: its-huskertech@nebraska.edu

  • Then proceed to the next page and after reviewing the disclosures select "Accept & Acknowledge".
  • Review the information submitted and hit "Continue" to confirm 

2. Calling Verizon:

The account holder of your current plan can call Verizon at 1-800-922-0204 to release your line(s). You will just want to tell the Verizon representative that you're transferring to a Verizon Business account and that you need to release your line(s). Provide them with the following information for the business account:

First name: UNL

Last name: Huskertech

Business name: University of Nebraska - Lincoln

Email address: its-huskertech@nebraska.edu