Working in ITS



We're discovering the reasons why employees enjoy working in ITS


"Working in Information Technology Services has afforded me the opportunity to work with lots of talented people and leading edge solutions in a very challenging field.  It's an exciting and challenging time to be a part of IT in Higher Education right now.  And it's gratifying to know that the work we are doing plays an important role in helping our University grow and improve."  -Neil

"Working in ITS gives me the opportunity to work with innovative, forward thinking people who enjoy discovery and technology. I enjoy my work because I get to help make other people's jobs and lives easier. I like seeing the connection between technology, and how we communicate and learn…. I get to do all these things in ITS."  -Heath  

 "I have enjoyed working with all of the different departments. Everyone is friendly and easy to work with and it’s a team effort atmosphere."  -Cindy 

"What appeals to me in being a part of Information Technology Services team is three-fold.  Information Technololgy Services presents to me the satisfaction that comes out of facing challenges needing technical and business solutions with the scale of a large institution.  Second, the opportunity to serve is important to me.  ITS not only provides me the opportunity to serve a diverse customer base but asks that we do it well.  Lastly, the people within Information Technology Services are great to work with.   Tremendous kindness and respect are a significant part of the culture within ITS." -Rich