ITS Staff Handbook

(Currently being revised)


University Policies

Please contact the ITS HR Team if you have any questions about the University Policies and Procedures.

Payroll and Timesheet Information

Instructions and Guidelines on completing Timesheets for Hourly Paid Employees

Engagement in Outside Professional Activity

If you have another business or job outside of UNL ITS that is similar to your position then this form needs to be completed and returned to ITS HR.
Application for Authorization to Engage in Outside Professional Activity


Driver Authorization

Do you need to drive to on University business?  Then you will need to be authorized by Transportation Services in order to do so.  Find out what the Authorized Driver Requirements are here.

Request Driver Authorization (Supervisor Authorization required)

ITS Travel Planning Guide

Heading to conference?  Here is your guide to make sure that your travel and reimbursement go smoothly.

ITS Event & Meeting Planning

Guidelines for planning ITS sponsored events and meetings.

HR Forms

If you have any questions regarding how to complete any of the forms, please contact the ITS HR Team.