CREW (Creating Really Engaged Workers)


Our Mission:   “Creating Really Engaged Workers” through you!

CREW was organized after the 2013 ITS Climate Survey identified a need for more interaction between staff members, to get to know one another better and learn about the work done in their areas.  Volunteers from all areas were recruited for a one-year term to brainstorm on how ITS takes on this challenge.  Past events have included a meeting ice-breaker activity, a summer picnic, a holiday party and a department showcase.  We hope you will make time to enjoy the fun and learn more about your co-workers through upcoming activities such as an annual summer picnic, annual holiday party, philanthropy opportunities, departmental showcases, payday socials and more.

If you have any interest in working with CREW on planning events, or have any ideas, please contact one of the members.  

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Shawn Aguirre

Stephanie Canny
Marlene Crombie
Lead: Annual events & Showcases
 diep Hieu Diep
Lead: Payday socials  
Kent Eitzmann


Linda Geisler
Lead: Cards
Lisa Gustafson
Lead: Philanthropy
Richard Horner

Colleen Huls

  Ranelle Maltas
Lead: Recognition


Brian Mellon
Picture Coming Soon!

nugentCasey Nugent
Lead: ITLP Cohort
  Aps Pandya

  severaBradley Severa
Lead: Facebook
Corrie Svehla
Lead: Twitter
Heath Tuttle
Jared Vakoc
Amy Zachek